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Solanellas Van Noten Meister is an interdisciplinary architectural practice founded in 2018. Our work goes beyond the traditional boundaries of architecture and explores the relationship between architecture, research, and hands-on production. The scope of our practice ranges from designing exhibitions and furniture to buildings and urban development schemes. Solanellas Van Noten Meister defines itself through a transnational approach and a positive European focus. Based in Zürich the office is currently working on projects for public and private clients in Switzerland, Spain, and Belgium.

In addition to building, teaching and research are important activities of the office. We are interested in the cultural significance of construction and, in this respect, we strongly believe in a dialectic relationship between theory and practice. Teaching allows for a kind of speculation that cannot exist so readily within the discipline and rigor of practice and enables a privileged opportunity to study the different phenomena affecting the built environment. The principals of Solanellas Van Noten Meister are currently teaching at Kingston School of Arts in London, ETSAB Barcelona School of Architecture, and Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. We regularly contribute to architectural critique and discourse at institutions across Europe, including the London Metropolitan University, the Architectural Association School of Architecture, the University of Antwerp and the KULeuven.

By focusing on the act of making we obtain a more materialistic engagement and a fuller understanding of the design processes we apply. In the same way, Richard Sennet points out in his book the craftsman that ‘we can achieve a more humane material life, if only we better understand the making of things.’ Making and consequentially thinking through making plays a central role in our practice. Our work, from a table to a facade, is approached as a hands-on experiment and investigates the symbolic and representational potential of the materials we use. 

Marianne Meister
Camiel Van Noten
Àngel Solanellas Terés
Julia Berger
Amelie Nguyen
Wenting Hsieh

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