Modest Ulier

Lleida, Catalonia

The original project of Ulier´s house was subject to some peculiar compositional requirements, being in the side of two different historical buildings: the former hospital of Santa Maria, from the 14th and 11th centuries, and the new cathedral, neoclassical, from the second half of the XVIII. The architect Domènech i Torres designed a façade based on a complex set of stone trims.

Picture of the existing facade

The ground floor is of reddish marble, while the four tallest floors are made of artificial stone with a toasty-reddish tone. The ordinance governing the site prohibited all types of outlying bodies or viewpoints. The structure is made of reinforced concrete and Domènech creates bevels in the loading of the enclosure wall with the structural elements. With this it achieves that the façade has a very severe modulated order and a chromaticity that favors the coexistence with the two historical buildings. The building strictly uses modern constructive procedures to achieve an image that avoids rationalist rhetoric, on the one hand, and the manipulation of the academic heritage, on the other.

Location: Lleida, Catalonia
Year: 2019
Status: Ongoing
Client: Private
Function: Housing
In collaboration with: Rosa Solanellas arquitectes