Basel, Switzerland
1st prize in open competition
2023 – ongoing

Solanellas Van Noten Meister architects has been awarded the 1st prize in an open competition for the pilot project at Schliengerweg 31 in Basel. Forming part of the 1000+ housing program, in which the canton aims to build 1,000 new affordable apartments by 2035, the project proposes six affordable apartments for large households and two new kindergartens, placed on the ground floor.

Parkhaus Lysbüchel

Drawing from an extensive catalogue of re-use components which was compiled by Immobilien Basel-Stadt, the pilot project is intended to serve as a role model in terms of the circular economy. By maximising the proportion of reused materials and renewable energy, the project aims to achieve a “net zero” ecological balance by 2040. The supporting structure of the building consists of re-used steel elements and prefabricated concrete columns and ribbed slabs, sourced from Parkhaus Lysbüchel in Basel. As a result, 85% of the load-bearing elements in the proposed project are re-used. To futher reduce the use of in-situ concrete, the basement has been omitted by providing the collective laundry room, the technical room and storage spaces under the pitched roof.

The collective laundry room

Following the intention to provide larger apartments, the plan consists of a flexible set of equally sized rooms which are connected by sliding doors. The resulting typologies allow for a wide range of household compositions, going beyond the typical nuclear family which is increasingly making up the smaller part of the population. Additionally, a secondary entrance to the living room allows the apartment to be divided into two independent units. For example, a young couple can share the large apartment with their grandparents without losing their privacy.

Location: Basel, Switzerland
Year: 2023-ongoing
Function: Housing and 2 kindergartens
Client: Immobilien Basel-Stadt