Design unit

ESTAB Barcelona
2011 - 2015
2018 - ongoing
Under Prof. Jordi Ros

It was in a particular context of cooperation that our Design studio of Diploma at ETSAB decided to join an initiative of developing projects in collaboration with different European schools of Architecture. This academic adventure added to our interest in researching and thinking about the fabric of European cities and undoubtedly influenced the future conception of a teaching proposal that Professor Jordi Ros has coordinated throughout these years. Since then and without interruption, every year the Diploma unit has been systematically located its interest in a European city and collaborated with a local architecture school.

Institut del Teatre a Bellevile.
Barcelona: Ediciones UPC, 2012
ISBN 978- 84-9880-487-4

Sala Beckett
Barcelona: Ediciones UPC, 2013
ISBN 978-84- 9880-489-8

Ambaixada per a un nou Estat Europeu
Barcelona: Ediciones UPC, 2014

Centro Náutico
Barcelona: Ediciones UPC, 2015

The work here presented is from one of those years, when the project was located in Lisbon, with the collaboration of two schools of architecture: La Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa del Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and Escuela de Arquitectura de Navarra (UNAV) with the support of professor Ricardo Bak Gordon (IST) and Francisco Mangado (UNAV)