Umnutzung altes Gemeindehaus

1st prize
Meisterschwanden, Switzerland
2022 - ongoing

The former "Mühle" school building and the surrounding buildings are witnesses of the long building history, which characterized the rural community of Meisterschwanden. Surrounded by historic industrial buildings, the building, together with the old factory buildings, are part of the attractive ensemble in the lower village. The Mühle schoolhouse was planned and built in 1888, after which it was converted into a community center in 1986. Now, with the foreseen transformation into 9 affordable homes, a third chapter for the former schoolhouse will unfold.

A historical aerial photo of Meisterschwanden

Our design is guided by a central idea that all future residents will feel at home plays in the new development. Following this idea of domesticity, the design pursues the ambition that the old school does not feel like an apartment building, but more like "a large, shared house". In addition to the nine apartments, new rooms for the household were created in the project.

A collection of shared spaces

In addition to the nine apartments, a collection of collective spaces are placed throughout the house. These spaces, such as the garden room or the large, suspended balconies, form a shared extension to the private apartments and will promote social interaction and a sense of togetherness for the residents. For example, on the ground floor facing the garden, a new common room with a small kitchen can be used collectively, for example when all residents have dinner to welcome a new tenant. The garden room can also be used privately for events such as family dinners, workshops, or birthday parties.

Location: Meisterschwanden, Switzerland
Year: 2022 - ongoing
Type: Housing
Client: Gemeinde Meisterschwanden
Collaboration: Stettler Architektur & Baumanagement